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The biggest challenge for the people residing out side of their mother land is to teach their kids “Reading & Writing” of their mother tongue. Unless our kids know how to “Read & Write”, they can’t pass our heritage to the next generation. Kids can learn the spoken language very well.
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“First of it’s Kind”
- Sekhar Kaluvai
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Now, learn Indian languages via iPods and iPhones
- The Hindu
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Telugu *****
This app is way better than other Telugu apps on the market. This app saves a lot of my time trying to teach my children the letters and reviewing the answers.
Desi App Reviewer , USA
Sanskrit Lessons 1
great app! ★★★★★

Learning Sanskrit couldn't be made easier.
megasega - Oct 24, 2011, Romania
Telugu Lessons 1
Awesome App *****

This app is very good to learn Telugu slowly... I will surely give this app to my kid to start learning how to write Telugu. I recommend this app to every one strongly.
Greeshma_Gunvanth , India

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